Best value food in the city?

Shawarma House


Finding good quality food at good prices in Shenzhen can be difficult at times, it is usually one or the other. However, in Shawarma House you can find both.  Located just off HuaQiangBei pedestrian street, this is a hidden gem on a side street.  Tucked in-between some local restaurants this unassuming place is most certainly worth your time to visit.   It’s a small place, with seating for 14-16 maximum, but don’t let that put you off, people come and go from here all day and you can always get a seat.  It is also a great takeaway option due to its speed and cuisine type.


What sets this apart from other restaurants is the price point.  The food here is incredibly good value. And not only that but many of the dishes have promotions and discounts on too! The menu is very extensive with different types of dishes from all regions, including the standard fare you’d find in most places like pizza and pasta, to burgers and curries.  These are all priced very reasonably and provide the options should you fancy it.  There is also an extensive choice of salads on offer including Greek salad (15RMB) and tuna salad (15RMB) plus others.

My favourite restaurant  My favourite restaurant in the city


Some of the more interesting food on the menu includes the variations of falafel on offer.  You can get falafel wraps (15RMB) which are light and packed with flavour, and are a good sit in or takeaway option. Shawarma House even has falafel burgers (25RMB) which is a first for me, with hummus acting as the ‘sauce’ of the burger. The hummus is also an incredible value stand alone option too.

Chicken features heavily on the menu too, with the chicken wrap (20RMB), chicken burger (15RMB) and chicken escalope, which comes with French fries/rice and a side salad for only 30 RMB.  This is very filling, with a moist flat chicken breast and crunchy breadcrumbs.

The food here is all halal, with many of the dishes being vegetarian and vegan friendly. These are all clearly marked on the menu pages with easy to see symbols.  This is a good, safe option for those with dietary restrictions.   The staff here are all very friendly and English speaking, including the manager Assis who will always make an effort to make the customers feel welcome.




Address: 深圳市福田区华强北路3003-1号国美一楼北侧美食街沙瓦吉

Food street, besides GOME building , Hua Qiang  North road 3003-1, Futian District, Shenzhen.

 Huaqiang North Metro

Contact: 150 1400 8171

Opening hours:  10:00 – 22:00


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