Campuhan rice fields walk Bali

Walking through the rice fields in Ubud is one of my favourite things to do whilst in Bali.  There are several to choose from, with Kajeng being my favourite one

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But Campuhan is also one that you should check out if you got are looking for some more authentic nature in Ubud.



The route is around 2-3km and its not difficult.  The heat may pose a problem so better to go early in the morning for sure.  There were lots of others walking the trail and everybody had a big smile on their face.



As you can see the path is flat and clearly defined. There is lush grass and trees, and if you keep going you’ll get into the rice paddies.


Along the way there is a cornucopia of flora, fauna and insects to gorge your eyes on.



Keep going and you will enter a village where you will see a slice of local life



To start just go to CAMPUHAN RIDGE WALK on Google map.  When you finish just get a Grab or Gojak back to wherever you want.

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