Horse riding in Bali

Now when you think of Bali, you probably think sunsets, secluded beaches, and Instagram worthy shots.  And you’d be right, except there is more going here than meets the eye.


One of the activities that surprised me was horse riding. As someone who has never ridden a horse before, doing it for the first time in Bali might seem an odd choice.  But I enjoyed it immensely.   When searching for activities, I fell in love with the pictures I saw  on the internet and in real life it was far more beautiful.

Horse riding beach

The horses are very well treated, look healthy and happy, with clean conditions and friendly staff. At least from what I saw.  The route takes you through the rice fields and  local streets, and onto the quiet deserted beach with literally nobody around.   Galloping along sandy shores with waves whooshing along is quite an adrenaline rush and made me feel alive.

Bali rice fields


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Deserted Pig Stone Beach


You can ride slowly with the trainer, or go at it alone depending on your preference.  As a beginner I stayed close to my guide.

Horse riding in Bali


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