Volcano Mount Batur hike in Bali Indonesia

Mount Batur is a towering volcano in Bali that is ripe for hiking.  Should you do so you will be rewarded with the most sensational breathtaking sunrise views you can imagine.  In fact mt pictures probably wont do it justice.



The hike started around 3.30am from the car park, the idea being get to the top by around 5.30/6am for sunrise.  This is perfectly achievable, as although it is 1700m high it is a very able climb for most people.  I myself found it very easy. It is pitch black, and you get given a torch, but it doesn’t do much, so I suggest going slow and steady.




When you get to the top you can take a seat and watch the heavens form around you.  There’s lots of room so you can get your pictures without people being in the way




Want to go?

I joined this hassle free tour.  Pick up and drop off, plus a guide to help you.  Its dark and tricky, why not join a group? Sunrise hike!!

Another Hike option here Klook discount hike


Going down you need to be careful.  It is extremely slippery and lots of people were falling.  When its bright there is a lot of beautiful scenery around you




Keep your eyes out for monkeys too



When you get to the bottom you will see lots of local produce being grown such as onions, potatoes and so on.



Tips For Climbing Mount Batur At Sunrise

Clothing: Before the sun rises it’s a bit chilly. I wore leggings, a sports vest and a zip up hoody, which was perfect for the conditions.

Footwear: I wore hiking shoes but proper trainers would also have been fine. You need decent foot support and grip so definitely no flip-flops or sandals.

Water: Our tour company gave us one bottle of water, but I’d recommend taking one more.

Food: Breakfast was included with our tour, but bear in mind this isn’t until you reach the summit.

I ate a chocolate bar for energy on the way up. I also took a few sweets to suck on. Any excuse for some sugar!

Toilets: Nope, they don’t exist on volcanoes so go before you start the climb. You’ll probably be pretty dehydrated so won’t need it until you get back after.

If not, then at least it’s dark most of the way up!


Want to go?

Click here to join!

You can also sign up through Klook Discount hiking trip



Like hiking?  Try the Rice fields Kajeng rice fields walk Bali






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