High Junk Peak Hong Kong

As previously written about here Clear Water Bay has some great scenic hikes on offer, and Junk Peak is another one of those. Stunning scenic hike in Hong Kong


High Junk peak is not one of the biggest in HK, at only 334M it is quite scalable under normal circumstances.  it is however considered one of the most treacherous peaks in HK, due to its sharp slippery incline, both going up and down.

Rises quite sharply


From the peak you get gorgeous 360 degree views of Clear Water Bay and its surrounding areas, well worth the climb to the top.

Great views on offer


High Junk Peak trail itself is not so challenging, with a gradual incline of trail and steps it doesnt provide much of a challenge until the final ascent itself.  Most of the trail is the standard HK style dirt paths we know and love.  As always with hikes in HK it is well signposted




The last few meteres below the summit is where it become difficutl, its a stepp incline which needs you do go on all fours almost to scramble to the top.  It is slippery so go slow and steady.

Rises quite sharply


Although the summit of High Junk Peak is wider than it looks, it can be a bit intimidating for those with vertigo. There’s a narrow strip of land on the top that has no obstructions on either side. And that’s what really makes High Junk Peak a pleasure to conquer!



Once you’re done admiring the gorgeous views, come down from slope facing Clear Water Bay. The slope is steep, so be careful.

Once you reach the foot of the hill, you’ll notice a 3-point junction. The short path on the left takes you down to Clear Water Bay Road. From here you can catch a bus back to Kwun Tong, Tsuen Kwan O, or Diamond Hill.

You could also end the the hike at Po Toi O, a small fishing village in Clearwater Bay.  at the end of this trail you’ll get to a main road, a short distance from there is a mini bus stop which can take you back to an MTR.  Or you can have lunch in a local seafood restaurant.

Bus stop information


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