Stunning scenic hike in Hong Kong

Stunning scenic hike in Hong Kong


Clear water bay sounds like an idyllic place to spend a day, and you are not wrong.  This area provides some of the most scenic hikes in Hong Kong, and what’s more they are both accessible by public transport and achievable even by the most basic hiker. Almost the perfect hike. There are 2 worthwhile hikes in this area and I will cover them both, you could possibly do them both in same day although two separate trips is more advisable.  The hikes goes through Clear Water Bay Country Park and offers sweeping views of both Clear Water Bay and Sai Kung, and on a blue sky day the views are simply mesmerizing.



Lung Ha Wan Country Trail



This hike starts and ends at Tai Au Mun Road in Clear Water Bay.  It should only take 2-3 hours to complete, and it’s a circular hike meaning it will start and end in a nearby place to each other.

From the roundabout where the bus drops you off, walk in a straight line up a slight incline until you get to clear water bay country park.   The hike branches off from here, but if you have time, I highly suggest you spend some time here as its very clean green and has peaceful views of the ocean. It’s also a popular kite flying destination. This is a good opportunity also to use the toilet and to buy some water or snacks if you need.  There aren’t any during the hike.

Start point of the hike


To start the hike there is a small car park nearby the entrance to the country park,  look for a sign post and a map.

Map at start of the trail

There is an initial steep incline up some rocky stairs, but this quickly subsides into a standard dirt style path which will be familiar to those who have hikes in HK before.

Typical HK style hiking trail

Along the way you will fins several great view points, as well as beautiful ocean views on both sides, and gorgeous panoramic views.  Try to go on a sunny day, as the views on a cloudy day are simply not as good. The remainder of the trail from the view point is all downhill and quite easy to do.

Well signposted hike


The Lung Ha Wan Country Trail finally finishes at Lung Ha Wan, which is where the Clearwater Bay Equestrian Centre is located. The Lobster Bay Kite-flying Site is also just around the corner.

When we finished the trail, we decided to walk around the horse-riding enclosure, and onto the small rocky beach in front. Sitting on this beach, watching the waves lash against the rocks was quite soothing.

Nice section near the ocean to relax and listen to waves

On the way back from the hike I suggest a quick detour to the Lung Ha Wan Rock Carving. This ancient rock carving is one of HKs oldest historical sights and is a worth a look.  You can also get some ocean sights, smells and sounds from here too.

Ancient Rock Carving

After your viewing of the rock carving, walk back up and continue walking along Lung Ha Wan Road till it you return to the roundabout at Tai Au Mun Road, thereby completing the circular hike.

The final stretch road has a gradual incline all the way that isn’t too difficult. But be mindful of any cars as some parts of the road are very narrow.


  • Green minibus 103M from Tsuen Kwan O MTR Station
  • Green minibus 16 from Po Lam MTR Station
  • KMB bus 91 from Diamond Hill MTR Station

Alight at the roundabout near Clear Water Bay Road and Tai Au Mun Road.

One example of the bus you can get here



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