Half Ton brewery Shenzhen

Halfton is a very popular brewpub in the heart of futian.  Located nearby the extremely busy Chegongmiao area, this is a hot spot for locals and foreigners alike


Being a brewpub, the beer as you would expect is excellent.  Made by themselves this hits the spot and has a wide variety in terms of strength and flavors.  The personal favorite of mine is the ‘Boom IPA’.


The menu is meat based and surprisingly for a bar is very very good.  There is a russian influence because of the chef


There is indoor and outdoor seating which make it a perfect gathering point



Want to go?

Tairan Si Lu, Futian District, Shop 106, 1/F, Building 212, Tairan Science & Technology Park, Shenzhen 518000

Chegongmiao metro station exit C


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