Island beach in Shenzhen

San Men Island Shenzhen

Sanmen Island

Going to the beach is one of the most popular summertime activities, and even a megacity like Shenzhen has some options available.  The only downside is they are either really busy or really far away, or both.  But if you’re looking for a quieter retreat from the maddening crowds and busy life then SanMen Island is the one for you.  Unfortunately, it is far away from the city center, however it is not busy, not at all.  In fact, it was almost uninhabited.

Very quiet beach

Getting here requires some determination, needing to go to DongChong beach first (approx. 2 hours on a good day from Futian)or can metro to end of line 8 and get 1 hour taxi (2-300RMB)

and then using a speedboat to get to the island.  This takes around 20 mins and is very fun.  The boat seats 6 ppl and costs 600 RMB for a return trip with pickup time negotiable.  Chinese speaker is an absolute must for this.

Speedboat information


You can camp here, either on the beach or on the mountain.  The tents can be brought by yourself or can be rented from DongChong before you leave.  There are many stalls before the beach entrance that will rent the tent.   As for BBQ we took our own (unsure if you can rent there)


There is a restaurant here which offers fantastic seafood at really great prices.  The menu changes each day depending on what they catch, and the prices are better if in a group. There are a couple of toilets and shower here, very basic but they do the job OK.

There are 2 beaches to choose from, the front and back beach.  The back one is much better, its wider and has less boats in it.  The water is very clear and clean, and the sand is soft.  But be careful of coral and sea urchins.   You can swim or sunbathe, and the island offers extra activities such as scuba diving, kayaking and fishing at extra cost. ( I do not know the cost)


There is a small hike here too and the views are just magical.  The rocky/grassy terrain, sweeping ocean views, jagged cliffs and wild nature make it truly unforgettable. It’s a really easy hike suitable for everyone.  The sunset and sunrise form here are incredible.  You can also camp here too.


Another great feature of this island it the architecture.  It has an abandoned village feel to it.  Formally home to around 500 people now it is down to 20-30 people so a lot of the houses are ghost houses.  The character and feel are so different from what you will see in SZ and it is almost like another world completely. Any photographer will be in heaven.


You are also permitted to have a BBQ if you wish, but you need to bring your own food and charcoal etc.

Important details

 Bring a tent or rent one at dongchong entrance

Need a chinese speaker as there is NO English on the island

Bring something soft to sleep on, the sand/ground can be hard

Bring portable power banks, there are no sockets for you to use

Bring flashlight (there is no power on the island 10pm-6am)

Bring snacks

Bring BBQ stuff if needed (unsure if you can rent)

Bring a towel

Sunscreen and mosquito repellent

Dogs are welcome on the island

Dongchong Address

Chinese Name: 东冲海滩
Address: Dongyong Tourist Area, Longgang District, Shenzhen 深圳市龙岗区东涌旅游区内
Getting there: there are many options including the Dapeng Holiday Line 5 bus (near to Yijing Metro Station) to Dapeng Center station (大鹏中心①站) and then take the M231 to Dongchong Beach

metro to line 8 then taxi



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