Beaches in Shenzhen

Dameisha and Xiaomesiha beach



Shenzhen beaches

Not surprisingly for a coastal city, Shenzhen has many beaches to choose from.  And despite common belief, they are actually not that bad.  With beaches such as Dapeng beach, Xichong and Dongchong being the preferred choice for many expats, the distance is quite far and it takes around 2 hours or so to bed there, not really an ideal choice.  So, a good alternative is Dameisha and Xiaomeisha.  Getting here from city center is much easier taking around 1 hour or so.

Dameisha angels

Dameisha is quite a long beach, you will first see the large colourful angel statues on display.  These are quite a sight.  The problem with this beach is because it is free, it is actually very busy on weekends and holidays.  During weekday it is fine. If a crowded beach is no problem to you, and you just want sand and sea then this beach suits your needs well.  There is enough space to find a place to lie down and you can have a swim in the sea.  There are toilets and changing rooms (not clean) and lots of places to buy snacks and water.  If you want lunch/dinner the main strip outside the beach has tons of choices.


Xiaomeisha is located about 2/3 km from Dameisha.  Smaller and less crowded this has a 50 RMB entrance fee which explains why there are less people here.  The sand is clean and the water nice to swim in.  They have sun loungers to rent or you can just lay out on the sand.  There are cleaner toilets and changing facilities here, although still not the best.  You cant leave and comeback but there are ample restaurant choices here if you wanted lunch.

Xiaomeisha beach

As with all beaches in china expect some noise and crazy behavior, but take it with a pinch of salt and relax

Xichong Beach


Xichong beach is a good place for surfing and water sports.  It is also a good option for a quieter beach and for a swim.  Downside is it is far from city center needing around 2 hours to get there

Dongchong beach

the neighbour to Xichong this offers a similar array of things to do.  Also known for its water sports and surfing.   Same downside it is very far from city center.





Want to go?


Public bus M191 and 103 got to both spots.  You can also get a didi from city centre (around 100 RMB or so)

No. 9 Dameishayanmei Road, Yantian District, Shenzhen 518081, China.

Dameisha Seashore Park, Yantian District, Shenzhen, China



Xiao Meisha Scenic Area, Yantian Distrcit

1. Take bus 103/380a/380b/387 and get off at Xiaomeisha Bus Terminal (Xiaomeisha Gongjiao Zongzhan) Station.
2. Take bus m207/m362 and get off at Xiaomeisha Station.


Nanmentou, Xichong Beach, Nan’Ao, Longgang District, Shenzhen


Nanao Town, Longgang District, Shenzhen


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