Netherlands flower town Shenzhen

Dutch flower town Shenzhen



Making recreations of international places is not a new idea in Guangdong or China as a whole.  With local sites such as the ‘Alps’ at Window of the World or the Venetian or Parisian In Macau, the Huawei ‘European Town’ in Dongguan and many others.  Located in Nanshan District, the Dutch Flower Town is another one of these.


It’s one of the smaller ‘parks’ in Shenzhen and can easily be visited in an hour or two.  With windmills and tulips, as well as statues of cows and European style buildings this is at least an attempt at recreation, if not entirely accurate.


There is a small park to walk around with a large green area where you can sit or relax or even have a picnic.  A small lake is nice to look at and there are lots of trees and flowers around to give a feeling of vibrancy and colour, a nice change from the urban landscape of Shenzhen. This is a popular photography place because of its unique style within Shenzhen and it is also a nice choice for wedding photographs.


Several little cafes and tea shops are dotted around here, and all locally owned and run, no big chains in sight which is a welcome change. There is a shopping mall not far away if you wanted more substantial dining options or can go back to the metro and go anywhere.


The main focus of Dutch Flower Town is of course the flowers.  There are many flower shops here selling fresh flowers of all types and colours.  You can buy them loose, arranged, in a vase, without a vase, it is up to you.  There are many potted plants too such as the ever-popular cactus and succulents. There is also a vast selection of artificial flowers if you wanted something to brighten up your apartment or office.  The prices here are excellent and as with most things can be negotiated by savvy buyers.   The weekend has the larger selection of flowers to buy from with pop up stalls, with weekday only having the shops.


Overall, this is a welcome diversion from hectic city life, and is certainly one for nature lovers.  If you have no interest in flowers or fauna, maybe this is not the place for you.  When finished you can walk back to metro, get a bus, or As I do, get a bike taxi back to metro station (10RMB).


Want to go?

Dutch Flower Town, 3008 Yueliangwan Ave, Nantou, Nanshan, Shenzhen


Daxin metro station Exit B and walk forward around 15 mins

Opening hours: 9:00-20:00



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