Shenzhen Guide and Shenzhen Eat Foody Meetup

The Shenzhen Eat Foody Meetup produced another smash success on Friday night with Turkish night at Mevlana restaurant. 

With over 40 people in attendance is was one of the fastest selling and most popular ones we have ever done. Thanks for all the support!

As you would expect from a restaurant that has been operating for over 13 years, the service was excellent. With food coming at regular intervals. There was always a tasty dish or two in front of us. It is not easy serving such a big group at the same time I think they did very creditable job indeed.

Impressive surroundings



The food was very good, with large portions, good variety, and lots of meat this was a sure-fire winner.  The set was perfect to share between 4 persons, with nobody leaving hungry.  This has become a hallmark for the Shenzhen Eat Foody Meetups, customer satisfaction.

44 people in attendance

There was a great group, with a mixture of new customers and returning familiar faces. People from all nationalities met and shared a great meal with great conversation. 


Chicken donner

To join future meetups you can reach out and contact me at any time Contact


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