Shenzhen Guide and Shenzhen Eat Venice hotel meetup

Here at Shenzhen Eat we pride ourselves on bring variety and quality to our Foody Meetups, and our most recent one continued this trend.  On this occasion we opted for a sunny Sunday lunch and pool meetup, to get a taste of staycation summer.  With a smaller group than usual we opted for quality over quantity and it was overall an enjoyable afternoon.

The venue was the exceptional Venice Raytour Hotel in Nanshan, and the setting could not have been more perfect. With a reputation for luxurious décor, relaxing ambience and phenomenal service, it really was a great option for a Sunday afternoon Foody Meetup. After generating a lot of interest in this fantastic deal, with many people being enthused about what was on offer.  There were several familiar faces at the hotel that day, having chosen to sign up for the deal themselves directly rather than joining with a group.

Meetup members

After meeting at lunch time and being very warmly greeted by the welcoming staff we were promptly seated at our reserved table and we couldn’t wait to tuck into the abundant buffet. The selection was top quality, with seafood, sushi, Asian selections, western selections, fresh fruit, steak and sashimi, cold cuts & cheeses plus a lot lot more.  The food was fresh, expertly prepared, and always being topped up so we could keep going back for more.  Safe to say we all left the buffet being fully satiated. The dessert selection in particular was a group favourite with the beautifully delectable treats being well received.  The buffet met our expectations and we all ate more than enough to leave us full and satisfied with what was on offer. The service in the Café Zentro was excellent, with a constant level of staff support, and our group feeling like they had lots of attention.

Selection of venice hotel buffet
Venice hotel buffet desserts

After stuffing ourselves with the buffet we moved onto the 2nd floor for the pool area.  After being warmly greeted, and using the locker facilities we were eager to take a dip in the pool and relax in the sunshine.  Unfortunately, the service at the pool area didn’t match up the dining area.  With not enough sunbeds available, many of us had to use beds that were far apart, chairs and some of us had no beds at all and opted to go into the pool and wait and see.  Luckily after 40 mins or so enough beds become available for our whole group to be able to use.  But for a hotel that has hundreds of rooms, only having 30-35 sunbeds seems like too few.  It was also quite difficult to order poolside drinks with the bar being closed, no QR codes available on the menu and staff being unable or unwilling to help.  After contacting the manager on WeChat were able to resolve this but this option wouldn’t be available to most guests.  After getting such good service in the restaurant we were left feeling a little frustrated by the situation.

Venice Hotel Pool
View from the pool

That being said when we all did get seats and bed things were great, with the large pool being well received and it is a nice place to relax and enjoy a lazy Sunday. Thanks to the Venice Raytour Hotel for hosting us.

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