Zhongshan Park Shenzhen

Zhongshan is a revered figure in Shenzhen, with almost every city in China having a park named after him, there are also many universities too including in Guangzhou. And in Taiwan the bank notes have his face on them.

Entrance gate of Zhongshan Park
As with most parks, lots of flowers

Shenzhen is no different, it also has a Zhongshan park. Straddling nanshan and Bao’an districts this is a little tucked away and often overlooked by many people. It’s not the biggest, most colourful, or even most unique, but it is charming in it’s own way and worth checking out.

As is common with most Shenzhen parks, there is a water feature here, large green areas for picnics, relaxing or kite flying, and lots of rest areas.

Zhongshan park water feature
Lots of greenery

Many statures of the famous man adorn this park, including a large imposing one at the main gate. As real tribute to Zhongshan or Sun-Yat-Sen as he is also known. It is the largest statue of Zhongshan in the whole of China.

Statues of Zhongshan
Big tribute to Sun-Yat-Sen

Guide to the parks in SZ Complete guide to the parks in Shenzhen here


3109 Nan Shan Da Dao, Nan Tou, Nanshan, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China

中山公园) Zhongshan Park

my advice would be get a didi or taxi from Taoyuan metro station or Lingzhi metro station.


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