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Steak night in Shekou

Here at Shenzhen Eat we pride ourselves on bringing both quality and variety to our Foody Meetups, and this was evident in our latest meetup, steak night in Shekou.  After getting positive feedback for a potential steak night meetup, we pushed ahead and it was a smash success. 

Held at the popular ‘Jack’s Bar and Kitchen’ on Rose Garden, this was always going to be a hit.  With the combination of Steak, beer and bar culture, what’s not to like?   The meetup was another sell out, which is becoming a trademark of Shenzhen Eat Foody Meetups. The guests came from all parts of Shenzhen, and the night was full of laughs and interesting conversation

The star of the show was of course the steak.  This is tremendous value at full price, but when you consider the overall deal of the night it was simply extraordinary. At 10oz and cooked to order, this was amazing, and really impressed the hungry guests. After a delay that was longer than it should have been, the steaks arrived and were soon devoured. And to be honest they looked bigger than the 10oz that were expected.

Good steak option in Shenzhen

Not to be forgotten the salad bar and appetizers were also great. The mushroom soup was also positively received, with even non mushroom lovers such as myself enjoying it.  And the Crème Brulee was also a treat to finish the evening.  All in all Jack’s Bar and Kitchen really impressed, with all the food being served and eaten by 9.30pm.

With many more Shenzhen Eat Foody Meetups to come in the future, please keep following this official account to see the information when it is released.  And if you are interested to join, don’t’ delay because these meetups are likely to sell out.

If you want to join future ones you can connect with me Connect with me

Want to go?

No. 54, Coastal Rose Garden 2, Nanshan District



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