Shenzhen Bay Walk to Shekou Shenzhen

The promenade of Shenzhen Bay is actually a lot longer than people think. It goes from Futian to the bottom of Shekou, and there are plans to extend it all the way to Bao’an too.

Wide open space for walking or cycling
Green paths

Now this is a GREAT choice for a walk, because it is wide, flat, and long. It is especially great in early morning or later at night. The reason I say late at night is because the sunset here can be beautiful and the city lights make the view spectacular.

Gorgeous night view

The walk itself is very beautiful with many different end points and sections to see.  You can connect to the Dasha River walk, Talent Park and Seaworld.    There are lots of flowers and grassy areas along the way to brighten things up, and of course there is the ocean too.

The walk is parallel to the ocean
Beautiful surroundings

Lots of benches and rest stops are dotted around to catch your breath, however there is not many options for water so bring some. 

End at Shekou

The recommended start point is Shenzhen Bay Park metro station and then keep following the path.

End point can be anywhere you like along the way, just check the signs.

Also good for cycling in Shenzhen Bay


Shenzhen Bay Park Metro station Exit A/D/E

Binhai Avenue, near Wanghai Road, Nanshan District 南山区滨海大道(近望海路)



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