Dasha river greenway Shenzhen

Shenzhen has many greenways and walking routes, and the Dasha river walk is among the best of them.   Extending from Shenzhen Bay park all the way to Xili, this spans 10KM or so and is a great choice for a weekend trek or and after work jog.


Over the last several years this has been cleaned up and turned into an ecological greenway, and Shenzhen has done a marvellous job in restoring it to its natural rugged self. The river gradually narrows as you go along, becoming more of a ‘wetlands’ style area than a lake.


The path is clean, wide and easy to walk. It will usually be busy with families but there is still room for everyone. There are many rests stops along the way, with benches, and grassy areas perfect to sit and relax on.

Wide open space to walk

The star attraction of this greenway is the nature.  The river is a haven for birds, with many avid birdwatchers coming to take photographs. With so much flora and fauna around, the cornucopia of colours can be astounding.  So many wildflowers allowed to grow, makes a refreshing change from the pristine, but equally beautiful, Shenzhen parks.

Shenzhen Talent Park



Around halfway along the river, there is a large sign that says ‘Dasha River’.  This is an exit point to go to DaShaHe Park, and IKEA.  You can exit here if you want to look around or get a bus taxi back to wherever.

End here for IKEA and Metro supermarkets
There are also exits at Chaguan Station exit C and Xili Lake Station too.  Or you can start/end at Shenzhen Bay Park.  The choices are up to you
Path from Xili Lake metro station
Chaguang metro is also a start/end point





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