Nanshan Museum Shenzhen

There are many museums in Shenzhen, all of them worth checking out in their own way.

nanshan museum

Nanshan Museum is one of the best ones. While the main museum in Shenzhen remains Futian Museum, this is a close 2nd and it is worth a few hours of your time for sure

Shenzhen Museum Futian

As with many museums in Shenzhen this is a modern building with nice architecture. it has 4 floors and takes a couple of hours to explore. The 4th floor is modern Shenzhen and the 3rd floor is a history of Nanshan/Shenzhen

Modern Shenzhen at Nanshan Museum
history of Shenzhen exhibition
Old Nanshan displays at Shenzhen museum

Floor 1 & 2 usually have changing special exhibitions which update every few weeks or months. These can be found by following the Official WeChat account ‘nanshan museum’. These are usually interesting and well put together.

Nanshan museum special exhibition

It’s a nice museum and I suggest you go yourself to check it out. If you wanted to combine it with something I suggest Lixiang Park which is nearby



No. 2093, Nanshan Avenue, Shenzhen

南山博物馆 CN Address: 深圳市南山大道2093号

Taoyuan metro station exit B


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