Shenzhen Museum Futian

There are many museums in Shenzhen, from unique quaint ones to large sprawling ones

READ THE GUIDE HERE Unique museums in shenzhen

But the main one in the city is the Shenzhen Museum. Housed in a large beautiful building in downtown Futian this is convenient to get to. Consisting of 3 floors, it has a changing ‘special exhibition’ which updates every few months. These are usually well worth going to and quite interesting.

Shenzhen museum architecture

The other exhibits are permanent ones, consisting of a natural history (stuffed animals) one, an old Shenzhen one, a new Shenzhen one, and a folk history one. These are good to get an understanding of the city we know and love

Stuffed animal display at shenzhen museum
folk history of shenzhen at the museum
Special exhibition at Shenzhen museum


Free entry but need to book ahead on the wechat account

Civic Centre metro (line 2/4) Exit B

Address Section A, Shenzhen Citizen Center, 3 Fuzhong San Lu, Futian District

地址 福田区福中3路深圳市民中心A区

Phone 8201 3036



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