Latina Foody Meetup in Shekou Shenzhen

Shenzhen Eat Foody Meetups went on the road again, this time to the hugely popular and well-known Latina Brazilian BBQ restaurant in SeaWorld, and what an awesome evening it was!

Latina is renowned for its service and Friday night atmosphere so this was always going to be a smash success, and Latina really delivered a great, great night.   The live music was excellent, with the band getting our meetup group singing and dancing and partying the night away.


The star of the night though, was of course the food, and especially the meat.  It is impossible to leave Latina without being absolutely stuffed, and I think our group certainly tried to fulfill that.   The meat at Latina keeps coming and coming, and won’t stop until you’re full, it really is excellent value for money.  And the evening included lots of extras such as the fried cheese, banana fritters and the wide buffet selection.  Free flow drinks added an edge to the night and loosened everyone into a Friday night feel.  The price was extraordinary (If I do say so myself), which is a hallmark of Shenzhen Eat Foody Meetups.

Thanks to everyone who came, we really do appreciate your support. And thanks also to Latina for providing a fun filled night for us.  If you enjoyed what Latina has to offer please visit there in the future, or you can order for delivery on Shenzhen Eat

Please keep following my blog for information about future meetups, or you can connect with me directly Connect with me


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