Red Ribbon Bridge in Shenzhen

One of the great things about Shenzhen is that there are always new places opening up and new places to discover.   The ‘Red Ribbon Bridge’ or ‘Hongqiao’ as it’s also known is just such a place.

With the metro reaching Guangming district places like this are easier than ever to reach.  This is a visually impressive place, with the striking red colour and the surrounding greenery and hopefully a contrasting blue sky.   This is definitely one of the places that has the ‘wow factor’ in Shenzhen.  When it was first opened it became an instant ‘online hot spot’ and was very busy.  It still is on the weekend, but when I came on a weekday it was a ghost town.

In future this area will be developed into a large walking and hiking area, but right now its only around a 4km walk or so.  It’ll connect up to various different parks and will be park of a kind of eco-corridor in that area.  It’s not completed yet and still has some construction around.  It’s still worth checking out if you wanted a different scene for some photos, or you’re an avid photographer.  But it is a long way to go just ‘for a look’ so keep that in mind.

There is very little sun cover here so be prepared for that, and the facilities here are still not ready to go.   One or 2 water vending machines, and no F&B in the nearby vicinity.

This will undoubtedly be one of the most visited places in SZ for a long time to come


Guangming Road station on line 6 and walk around 1.5KM or get a short taxi


Or you can get a didi to the below location

get a didi to here



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