Things to do in Dongguan

A round up of some interesting things to do in Dongguan. Thanks to ‘Dongguan Today‘ for the information

The Opium War Museum 鸦片战争博物馆(AAAA)

This is a special museum combining Memorial and heritage. It consists of Humen Lin Zexu memorial hall, Naval Battle Museum, Weiyuan battery site and Shajiao battery site. Lin Zexu’s destructed opium pond and the former site of Humen fort are important witnesses to the beginning of modern Chinese history and precious historical and cultural heritage.

Songshan Lake Ecological Scenic Area 松山湖生态景区

Songshan Lake Ecological Scenic Area, 8 square kilometers of freshwater lake, with more than 30 kilometers of winding hydrophilic lake shoreline around the lake. The core scenic spot of “Misty Rain in Songhu Lake” is vast and misty, the birds in the lake sing softly, and the clouds are flourishing. Because of its beautiful scenery, it has been voted as one of the top ten  scenic spots by Dongguan residents.

Dongguan Xiangshi Zoo 东莞香市动物园

Xiangshi Zoo is the only wildlife theme park in Dongguan. There are more than 100 breeds and 2000 animals from all over the world living in the park, including giant pandas, Siberian tigers, Asian elephants, sika deer, giraffes, red-crowned cranes, golden eagles and other rare national animals. Visitors can observe and experience them closely and feel the surprise and excitement of walking with animals.

Guangdong Memorial Hall of East River Column 广东东江纵队纪念馆

Guangdong Memorial Hall of East River Column is a special memorial hall to show the history of Guangdong People’s Anti-Japanese Guerrilla East River  Column. It is the largest and highest-level anti-Japanese war memorial hall in Guangdong Province. The museum displays many precious historical photos, documents, weapons and equipment and other cultural relics.

Yinpingshan Forest Park 银瓶山森林公园

The overall planning area of Yinpingshan Forest Park is 123.5 square kilometers, is the largest forest park in Dongguan. Yinpingzui, the main peak in Xiegang, is 898 meters above sea level, and it is “the highest peak in Dongguan”.

Here, there are many mountains, deep valleys, and pleasant scenery. The park is rich in animal and plant resources, a veritable “plant kingdom and bird paradise

Ancient Villages in Nanshe in the Ming and Qing Dynasties 南社明清古村落

The ancient village of the Ming and Qing Dynasties in Nanshe was built in the Song Dynasty. It has a history of more than 800 years. There are 19 building bodies of national key cultural relics protection units, seven immovable cultural relics in Dongguan, and many stone carvings, brick carvings, wood carvings and ceramic building components from the Ming and Qing Dynasties have been preserved. It has a high artistic value.

Keyuan Garden Museum 可园博物馆

Keyuan Garden, one of the four famous gardens in Guangdong in the Qing Dynasty, is famous for its small and exquisite design. On the limited land, there are all kinds of pavilions, halls, and courtyards, which is a treasure of Lingnan gardens.

The ancestors of Lingnan Painting, Juchao and Julian, lived in Keyuan for ten years. Keyuan has nurtured a group of outstanding artists and cultural celebrities, which has had an important impact on Dongguan culture and even Lingnan culture.

Huayang Lake National Wetland Park 华阳湖国家湿地公园

There are many scenic spots in Huayang Lake National Wetland Park, and the good ecological environment has attracted egrets and other birds to roost. In the park, visitors can fully enjoy the beautiful scenery of the shallow water town of Tian Lian Mo and Yu Xiang.

The scenic area integrates leisure tourism, farming experience, popular science and culture.



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