Qifeng Park in Dongguan

Dongguan is only a stone throw away from Shenzhen and is quite worth a visit. The thing that I like to do when I visit a new city is visit the local parks. And this time it was Qifeng Park

This park is very big and actually took a few hours to walk around. It has an older feel about it and reminded me a little of Luohu style of park in Shenzhen.

It was full of locals doing their daily stuff such as Tai Chi, yoga, backwards walking, calligraphy and more. Quite nice to sit and people watch. There is a lovely little temple here to give some character and history

As with most parks there is a small water feature, and lots of greenery and old style trees, again giving it a feel of character and style that new parks just can’t compete with it.

Without a doubt though the key feature of Qifeng Park is the lantern at the peak of a hill. It takes around 20 mins to get to the top, and you get some awesome sweeping views of DG city. The lantern is well worth checking out and is something a little bit different.


Qifeng Road, Dongguan Avenue, Nancheng District, Dongguan 523129 China

Qifeng Park metro station line 2



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