Maluan Mountain – the waterfall hike in Shenzhen

Maluan mountain hike


Now Shenzhen has no shortage of hikes, and these can range from small ones like Nanshan to the larger more difficult ones like Wutong, but there’s one common theme which drives most hiking enthusiasts crazy.  Stairs.  It sometimes feels more like floor walking than it does hiking, with endless towering stairs above you, you could be in a skyscraper not on a mountain. Now luckily the stairs here are mainly natural style and don’t really feel like stairs.  There are some at the start but only for around 10 mins.

Nice views


This is a different type of hike

However in Maluan Mountain there is something different.  Gone are the stairs, to be replaced with natural paths and rural trails.  Hiking as hiking should be.  This is possibly the most authentic hike in the city, with flora, fauna and greenery all around you, you could actually be in another country all together.  This hike doesn’t have the sweeping views of the city like some of the other city hikes do, instead you get a slice of rural life in the megacity that is Shenzhen.


It’s a bit of a task getting here as it located in the Yantian area.  However this is not so bad now with the metro extension.  You can just get line 8 to Yantian Port West (this has better pick up locations) then get a taxi or did to the Xiaomeisha area.  Look for the below picture

This big construction pit is a marker for the start point
Look for this, turn left here



Keep going left here, NOT UP THESE STAIRS
Keep walking ahead on this road under this bridge. Around 1KM

Keep straight and you’ll walk through a car park area and under a tunnel/overpass.  Eventually you will come to another set of stairs.  Go up for around 10 mins.

Go up these stairs

When you reach the toilet turn left

You will walk along a nice greenway for around 1KM.  This has some nice trees and nature.  This will lead you to the waterfall

Walk along this greenway

You’ll soon reach the waterfall area.  Depending on what the weather was like previously this may be big and gushing or pretty small, these rocks are a perfect place to have a rest and soak in the nature.  You can even swim in the pools if you wish.  To get here you need a short climb over the rocks.  These can be super slippery to be careful

Climb over these


Maluan Shenzhen waterfalls to swim in. Go during rainy season for biggest waterfall

After a cool down keep going up through the forest path on the right hand side of the waterfall.  When you get to the top there is a left/right option. Turn left  Turn left here and keep going, it’s a gradual incline and nothing too difficult. 

Keep your eyes open for some interesting nature, there are usually lots of flowers and insects around to catch your eye.  Just go on through the trees.  There are natural paths laid out in front of you, and if you are unsure look for ‘ribbons’ on the trees.  These are markers from past hikes

Follow the sign to plum pavillion
Natural paths to follow
Follow signs to Laowei Village

You will eventually get to a wide open dusty space. There will be a pagoda in the distance, it’s a good place to rest and catch your breath.  You can go to the top of the pagoda for magnificent views of the panorama below you.

Big open area of maluan Mountain

After this follow signs for OCT EAST.  This is the suggested end point.  It will lead you along a long path and through some trees.  It’s a little bit up and down but its not too difficult.

follow the sign
Nice trail to follow

Along the way you will come across a Hakka style small village.  These are also restaurants if you wanted to eat something

Hakka village and restaurants

You will eventually get to a nice boardwalk, this leads to OCT EAST.  From here you can get a didi very easily


Want to go?


By public transport you can get bus M181, 103, 103B 380A directly to Xiaomeisha terminus and start the hike from there.

What I recommend if a small group I go to Yantian Port West on line 8 and get a didi to 小梅沙海洋世界 Xiaomeisha Sea World
Address: Xiaomeisha Scenic Area, Yantian District (深圳市盐田区小梅沙海滨旅游区小梅沙海洋世界)

You can get a didi straight to here

Bring enough water as there isn’t anywhere to buy it on the trail.  Bring lunch or snacks.  Bring swim suit if you want to go in the water.  Sometimes you will lose 4G. If you get lost look for the ribbons on the trees.



If you have any questions you can contact me directly Connect with me





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