Hiking in Shenzhen

Let’s go hiking!

Hiking, an activity that popular the world over.  Especially here in China.

Shenzhen has several hiking options and it can be difficult to know which ones to do. This is a quick guide to 6 of them. There are others and maybe I’ll cover those another time.

Wutong Mountain.  Difficulty 5/5

Start with the biggest most well-known.  The highest mountain in SZ this stands an impressive 940M high. It’s also the most challenging of the peaks in the city.  But for those who conquer the climb you’ll be rewarded with magnificent panoramic views of the city, it’s a breathtaking sight!  Densely vegetated, it is popular and offers a stunning vista of the coastline and Shenzhen Reservoir year-round.  Sadly as with most hikes in China there are a lot of stairs so prepare yourself, although there are 2 paths you can take from the main gate so each visit could be slightly different for you. 1 is a flat path and one has stairs so it’s up to you which one you take. As you hike you will pass numerous streams and creeks along the way. This is the winner for views, and the winner for difficulty if you’re looking for a challenge.

Small Wutong also has the iconic TV tower and if you combine small and big Wutong it will be an excellent hike.


Can get bus 211 from Cuizhu metro station exit B2 to the wutong bus terminal.

NEW. You can get line 8 to Wutong Mountain South.

Wutong Mountain village, Luohu District, Shenzhen   深圳羅湖區梧桐山村




Qiniang Mountain.  Difficult 4/5 (stairs)

Second highest in SZ it is slightly lower than its Wutong cousin at around 800m. Located in Dapeng area this is a nightmare to get to, taking 90 minutes from city centre. The one time I hiked this it was a group hiking, we rented out own bus so I’m unsure of the public bus information. I didn’t really care for this hike, it was just stairs stairs stairs with very little ‘flat paths’.  The views of Dapeng and the ocean are fantastic however, and almost worth the pain of the stairs.  There is a glass observation deck at the top which gives a good vantage point. Its worth doing if you like variety in your hikes, but my opinion is to avoid this one, its really not convenient to get to, and ‘the juice is not worth the squeeze’


Take the Metro to Liantang Station (莲塘站) or Gymnasium Station (体育馆站) and then take Bus E11 to the last stop, then take a motorcycle or taxi to get there.

Xinda Community, Nan’ao Subdistrict, Longgang District, Shenzhen (深圳市龙岗区南澳街道新大社区)


Maluan Mountain. Difficulty 3/5

Please read the detailed guide to this hike here Maluan Mountain – the best hike in Shenzhen?

Maluan Mountain is one of Shenzhen’s best kept secrets. However, it is extremely popular among avid hikers because it’s easy, safe, beautiful and varied with clear streams, lush woods, Chinese plum blossoms and one of the area’s largest waterfalls. Maluan Mountain is 300-590 meters above sea level. In the hot summer, its temperature is lower than the city by 3 degrees Celsius. Without the industrial pollution and noises from the city, Maluan Mountain has kept its pure, refreshing environment. It’s also worth going every December and January when the orange trees harvest and all you can see are the fruits hanging from the trees. You can always pick some fruits, too! At Maluan Mountain, you can have a good view of the ocean, the lake and the waterfall. It’s also the home of many different plants and animals, some of which are endangered species. It’s a good place for a relaxing family outing and a wonderful getaway from the city. When you do get to the top you can eat and drink beer with the locals as there is a delicious restaurant nearby.  Location is also a bit out of the way. The hike starts just behind Xiaomeisha Ocean World.  Additionally there is another entrance to this mountain that takes you past waterfalls and through the trees.  But lots of stairs so be warned.


By public transport you can get bus M181, 103, 103B 380A directly to Xiaomeisha terminus and start the hike from there.

What I recommend if a small group I go to XinXiu metro station and get a didi to 小梅沙海洋世界 Xiaomeisha Sea World

You can now get the metro to Yantian on line 8.  Get metro to last stop on line 8 then get a taxi.

Address: Xiaomeisha Scenic Area, Yantian District (深圳市盐田区小梅沙海滨旅游区小梅沙海洋世界)

Bring enough water as there isn’t anywhere to buy it on the trail

Follow this




Tanglang Mountain Difficulty 3/5

I have written a more in depth guide for Tanglang here. Tanglang night hike

One of the most popular mountains in the city, located at the heart of Futian this is a nice casual trail usually busy with locals getting their exercise in.  Tanglang Mountain has two routes for visitors to reach the summit: the winding road and mountain trail.  Which one to take depends on your fancy.  Both routes offer stunning scenery to make your trek leisurely.   Both routes are popular so expect a lot of people. It provides some nice views of the city but at just over 300M high don’t expect panoramic landscapes in front of you.  At the top you’ll find a viewing point and a nice large rest area, with people relaxing and eating snacks.  Keep an eye out for the Tanglang monkeys that might make and appearance.  This is also the best night hike in the city, as it has great views and convenient location. I usually hike it at night once a week



Taoyuancun metro station exit C (line 7) and follow the street information on the corner.

Can also start at Meilin reservoir from Xiameilin metro station exit D(line9)  then turn up the stairs when you see the Tanglang sign.  Many many stairs here

塘朗山 Longzhu Rd North, Nanshan North East side, Shenzhen 南山区龙珠六路

Tanglang mountain. Nice vantage point

Nanshan Mountain difficulty 1.5/5

The easiest hike in the city in my opinion. This is a hike you can do one morning or evening and fit it around your schedule. Taking 1-2 hours max it falls into the casual category. From early morning till late at night, you will never be alone when you are on this mountain. Nanshan mountain is only about four hundred meters in height, so, if you are on the mountain, you will encounter people of all ages, such as the elderly, young parents carrying their new born babies, and even toddlers who are climbing the mountain using hands and feet. Taking the stairs is the best option here, as it is not so high and is do-able even by a casual hiker. The views of Shekou below are excellent and on a clear day can see far into the ocean. There are numerous rest stops along the way.  It’s nice for a casual relaxing hike or for beginners, even a serious hiker can get a nice kick out of the great view on offer. This is also my recommendation for a night time hike too, as you can get some nice shots of the city all lit of, but the path isn’t so well lit so be careful.  There are different end points to this mountain, you can start and end at seaworld, or continue on and finish nearby Shekou Walmart area.


Seaworld metro exit A

No.8 Shekou Villa, Nanshan District, Shenzhen China


南山区南山村南巷(荔源大厦附近), 深圳市


You can also enter from nearby ‘Smelly Cat’ coffeeshop in Shuiwan

nanshan night

nanshan day

 Pheonix Mountain (fenghuanshan) 3/5

Fenghuang or Phoenix Mountain in the Bao’an District of Shenzhen is steep but striking.  It is 678 meters high and overlooks Shenzhen Bay in the south.  It is covered with large trees and colorful flowers.  What makes this unique are not just the fountains and caves but the old temples that give it an air of serenity.  The trip to the top is divided into three beautiful segments.  The Pagoda at the foot of the mountain where you can see the Fenghuang Wenchang Pagoda, the Morning Dog Stone , the Buffalo Site, the Sacred Fountain, and the Pumen Shixian Memorial Arch.  The next stop is the Temple Site located on the mountainside.  This is the main attraction which holds the Dew from the White Vase, Fenghuang Cave and the Longevity Well. At the very top is the sunset glow where you get more than a view of the sunset but also of the All-blessing Cave, the Stone Whey Lake and the Stone of Roaring Lion.  Just hearing the names, you already know that your trip is going to be very exciting and interesting.


Tangwei Metro station line 11. Exit B.  Then take bus M252 to the terminus station.

Phoenix Avenue, Fuyong, Shenzhen  深圳福永镇凤凰山大道


Meilin mountain 3/5


For a more in depth guide please read these

Meilin Walk Shenzhen

Meilin Mountain Shenzhen– The city hike

Not really a mountain as such more of a hill, but it’s a reasonable workout nonetheless.  Quite a popular trail with the locals because of easy access and comfortable difficulty.  There are stairs but also has dirt paths along side so the choice is yours.  Views are not to great but there is nice nature on the way.  It’s a good hike morning or afternoon, but doesn’t seem lit so wouldn’t suggest going at night.  Nowhere to buy water so bring your own. The reservoir provides a nice stroll and if you keep going on this path eventually you’ll see a sign to go up, this connects to Tanglang mountain too

Walk the long path until you see the signpost. Turn left and go up the stairs



Meilin mountain park entrance

Meilinshan Park, Meilin Rd, MeiLin, Futian District, Shenzhen  深圳市福田区梅亭路14号梅林山公园

Qiaoxiang metro exit C

Meilin Reservoir Start

Xiameilin metro station (line 9) exit C and walk straigh ahead towards the reservour.  Can’t miss it

Tanglang Start

塘朗山  Tanglang Mountain

Longzhu road North, Nanshan North East side, Shenzhen


Taoyuancun metro (line 7) exit D




THE BEST HIKE IN HONG KONG HERE Hiking suicide cliff

Yangtai mountain 3/5


This is a mixed mountain.  If you take the main entrance then expect as with most hikes, people and stairs.  When you do get to the top you can see some truly fantastic views of Nanshan and Bao’an and the reservoir below you.  If you take a lesser known route, then you can get the views and avoid the people and the stairs.  You hike a dirt trail through the woods, passing fruit trees, and wildlife along the way.  It’s very quiet and very secluded.  Word of warning, when you get to the top there are multiple ways back down that can lead to Longhua, Bao’an and Xili.  So choose wisely.  Nowhere on the way or at the top to buy food or water so bring your own.  Try to spot the elephant rock, its quite a sight.

The Yangtai elephant

Lots of stairs on this hike



宝安区龙腾路6正南方向130米, 深圳市

Main gate take bus M115 from Longshen metro metro

Line 6 to Yangtai metro and follow the signs

Dirt trail  Xili metro exit D, take bus 66 to the last stop. Then follow the road up through the village and into the trees

Any hike you do remember to take enough water because there is not always somewhere to buy more during the hike and bring sunscreen and bug spray too.  Please take your litter back down to bottom of the mountain with you, lets keep these hikes green!

Take pictures of maps so you can check if you get lost.

Download an English map APP here English map in China


Dongxixhong hike

Dongxichong is a coastal hike between dongchong beach and xichong beach.   It is around 6.5KM and takes around 5 hours.  You can get absolutely breathtaking views of the coastline on this hike and it really really is worth it.  There is a lot of up and down and rope/chain climbing.  It can be very slippery.  A lot of ‘boulder’ and rock scrambling is also required and balance can be difficult so go slow and steady.  

Good level of fitness is required for this, and some hiking experience.  The views, and nature really are fantastic, but some negatives.  On the weekend there is a enormous amount of people, and a human traffic jam. Very annoying and a  little dangerous.  Trash is also everywhere which is quite a shame.


There is no shade anywhere, so on a hit sunny day you will be exposed.   Bring lots of sunscreen and water (you can buy along the way) and bring cash too.  

Start at Dongchong village and enter the trail near the community center.  End point is Xichong sightseeing beach.



Chinese Name: 东冲海滩
Address: Dongyong Tourist Area, Longgang District, Shenzhen 深圳市龙岗区东涌旅游区内

My advice is to get metro line 8 to Yantian then get a taxi to Dongchong village (approx 1 hour and 200-300rmb)

End point is Xichong beach and you can take a car from there to wherever (the guys will be there so negotiate)  it is unlikely to book a didi here



  1. Good site, thanks! I hiked Maluan but getting back down was a bit confusing. I’d never been there before but managed to lead a group of others who were totally lost down the mountain. Our “group” had split up since our leaders had no idea where they were going or when we were leaving. Anyway, it’s an adventure and the way down was in the end fairly obvious (it went down).
    The restaurant was fine but utterly swamped by our group, so I wouldn’t recommend going with a large group of people and would recommend bringing backup food in case a large group has descended on the restaurant before you arrive.


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