Wutong Mountain Shenzhen

Wutong mountain is the highest peak in the city, and as such is one of the most popular hiking destinations in Shenzhen.  This mountain looms over much of the city and has challenged the casual and serious hiker alike.

wutong tv tower in the distance
the view of big wutong from small wutong

Getting here was previously a nightmare, with guaranteed weekend traffic on the road to Wutong village, and this start point still appeals to some. However with the extension of line 2/8 metro it is now very easy to get here.

Wutong is has 2 main peaks, small Wutong and big Wutong, and they can be hiked separately or together.  For the purposes of this article I will give the guide of hiking them both, and also focus on the ‘most common’ route. 

There are lots and lots of stairs on this hike, and since it goes up to 970M high, you will definatley be feeling your legs the next day. However a ‘wild’ route is also available which has less stairs and is more challenging. I would suggest the wild route for those who are more confident in their hiking ability, for the beginner or those with less experience the main stair route is probably the better choice.

wild route is available for more challenging hike

From bottom to the top of small Wutong will take around 90 mins, it is more or less a straight line, with multiple rest stops along the way.  The views get progressively better as you go up, and when you get to the top you will be greeted by the iconic TV Tower.  This is a jaw dropping landmark that simply must be seen up close at least once during your time in SZ.

Wutong TV tower

After you reach the top of Small Wutong, you can either go back down, or follow signs for ‘Big Wutong’.  This is approximately another 90 mins or so from the top of small as it is longer not just higher. Along this route there are some pagodas which are a good place to rest and enjoy the view, and some ‘squares’ which have toilets and convenience stores. The peak of Big Wutong is marked by a marker stone, letting you know that you have conquered the summit.

Nature tail for small wutong

If you take the nature trail up it will take around 2 hours, it is a good trail with gradual incline. Stay on the paved road from the main small wutong entrance from the metro station. Walk for around 40 mins until you see this entrance. Follow it up to the peak of small wutong.

Enter here
wutong nature trail
waterfall along the way on nature trail

Big Wutong summit

This is for the ‘wild’ stream tracing route.

Enter from Wutong village and use the gate near the reservoir. Then basically follow the stream up. This will take around 3 hours to the top.

It starts off very pleasantly with beautiful nature around you and a little rock scrambling needed but it soon becomes very difficult. Later there is rope pulling involved as well as scrambling over wet, steep rocks. Gloves and good shoes are essential.

You’ll reach the peak of ‘big wutong’. From there you can follow the signs whichever way you like. Can use a natural path down, follow the flower greenway or take the stairs. Your choice.

The route mentioned here is very difficult and not for beginners. Please take care as it is quite remote and dangerous and accidents can happen.

awesome wutong views
awesome views

Guide to the hikes in Shenzhen here

After this you have several options to go back down depending on where you want your end location to be.  There are sign posts to guide you here so the choices are up to you.  With the new metro open, the ‘Yantian’ end point is now a good choice as it provided convenient transportation back home, but you can also end at Wutong village should you wish.

one of the paths down

Some tips for the hike

Bring enough water, although there are numerous options to buy water along the way.

Same for snacks

It can get windy at the top

And the sunshine is also very strong

Dogs are not technically permitted according to the signs (however I did see dogs)

Check signposts and maps often (there are many)

lots of signposts and maps

Please remember this is just a guide, and you hike this at your own free will and judgement.  Any issues or problems are not my responsibility.



  • Chinese Name: 梧桐山
  • Place Address: Wutong Mountain village, Luohu District, Shenzhen
  • 深圳羅湖區梧桐山村
  • Phone: 0755-25152005


Or you can take metro to line 8 ‘Wutong South Mountain’ and walk 10 mins from exit D. It you take the nature trail for small wutong, keep walking on the greenway road for around 30 minutes, you’ll see a dirt path eventually on your left

For Big Wutong you can get bus 211 from Cuizhou metro station exit B or bus 445 from Huanbeiling

If you are interested in other hikes in Shenzhen, please read some of these guides here.  Feel free to reach out and contact me at any time to, I am more than happy to help.

Tanglang Mountain



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