Shenzhen Central Park

Shenzhen Central Park


Shenzhen Central park doesn’t really get the attention it deserves.  Not as big as its neighbour Lianhuashan park, or as popular as say Talent Park, nonetheless you should try and pay this a visit if you get the chance.   Centrally located (clue is in the name) in Futian district this is easily accessible by metro, bus or taxi, with multiple gates to enter and exit from, getting to and from here is quite an easy process.


All the parks in Shenzhen! Guide to the parks in SZ

Big but not too big, this is a good option for a lunchtime or evening walk, and is usually popular with office workers having some fresh air and exercise, and on weekends busy with young kids and families.  There are soccer and basketball courts here, and big open spaces to play badminton or frisbee or any kind of sport really.   There are enough grassy areas should you want a picnic or have a nap, and many benches to sit and relax.



Many fruit and flower trees are sprawled around Central Park and when in bloom they are very colourful and fragrant. The park is immaculately clean, as expected from Shenzhen, and it is a joy to spend time here.  There is a small stream running through the middle of park, with a bridge to cross providing a beautiful view, or you can use the stone steps to hop over the water.


After finishing in the park HuaQiangBei is not far away, should you want some food and drink options or want to do some shopping.  There are numerous toilet facilities here and are very clean, however I did not see a kiosk or booth to buy any water from should you want to.


Want to go?

深圳中心公园  Shenzhen Central Park

深圳市福田区深南中路中心公园  Shennan Zhong Road, Futian District, Shenzhen

Huaqiang North metro exit C

Huaxin metro exit A1


Another great park option here Shenzhen talent park



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