Lychee/Litchi Park

Lychee Park Luohu

Lychee park is one of the oldest parks in Shenzhen, and also one of my favorites.  Located in a central part of Luohu, this is an easy park to get to be metro.  With multiple gates and entrance points, you can start and end this in many places.

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As with most larger parks in the city, there is a large body of water that is the central point of the park.  You can take ‘duck shaped’ boats out for a boat ride, or watch the locals do their work on small fishing boats.

Local worker cleaning the pond



There are large areas of greenery, where you can rest, have a picnic or play sports/games, or just put a hammock up between 2 trees and take a nap.


Towards the back of this park there is a much older feel to it, more like a local community park that was extended onto the main Lychee Park


There is lots of striking local architecture in the background of this park, namely the KK100 and the Diwang Building, both iconic and unmistakable.


And at the main entrance there is the Deng Xiaoping portrait.  One of the landmarks of the city.  A testament to one of the heroes of China.



Grand theater Metro Station

Honglin metro station exit E


Litchi Park, No.1001, Hong Lin Zhong Rd, Shenzhen, Futian District

荔枝公园, 深圳市福田区红岭中路1001号


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