Lianhuashan Park Shenzhen

Lianhuashan Park

Lianhuashan is the biggest and most well-known of all the parks in the city covering a staggering 150 hectares.  It is frequently in the Trip Advisor top 10 things to do in the city and is usually one of the 1st places visited by any tourist or new residents to the city.  That is due to its convenient central location, its abundant greenery, its serene nature and its beautiful flora and fauna.  Some of the attractions here include kite square and peach grove. It also offers a sensational view of the civic center and downtown Shenzhen below you from a viewing platform that requires a short hike.



All Shenzhen Parks here!!!  Guide to the parks in SZ

You can also visit ‘grandpa’ Deng Xiaoping the founder of modern Shenzhen and a hero to many in the city, his statue stands tall at the peak of the hill, striding forward confidently into the future.  Getting to the top is easy enough and takes around a 15-minute hike.  You can use multiple paths to get here, simply ‘head up’ and you’ll get there.

Deng Xiaoping statue



This is a popular spot for a family day out, because of the large areas of grass many families come here with tents, hammocks and picnics also using the wide-open spaces to play sports.  On any Saturday or Sunday, you will see many happy people here, usually 3 generations all enjoying the fresh and nature.


Kite flying area


After you have finished in the park, there are many options available to you.  You can go to Upper Hills, a large shopping and office complex which is connected to the park via a large Arial footbridge.  Upper Hills has many food and drink options to choose from, as well as lots of shopping options.


You can also walk from the park to the CBD area, and visit Civic Center, Shenzhen Library, Book City, the MOCAP and more.


Lianhuashan is a good choice for a morning, lunch time or weekend visit, and I;m sure when you visit you will be back time and time again.




Lianhuashan Park, 6026 Hongli Rd, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China


Childrens Palace metro station Exit F


Another great park Lychee/Litchi Park



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