Pig cafe Shenzhen

Pig café 猪廊咖啡馆 (Zhulang Kafei Guan)



An animal coffee shop is not a new concept, in Shenzhen or any other place.  In fact, Shenzhen has several of these, some of them well worth visiting.  But ‘Pig Café’ is a new style of coffee shop to hit this city.  The idea is the same as a cat café, in which you can have a tea or coffee, whilst looking or playing with various animals, this time it being mini pigs.  As far as coffee shop experiences go sipping a tea while playing with a pig is a unique experience.


The pigs appear to be well looked after and healthy, although I am not an expert on this to say for sure.  These are a miniature breed of pig, so they will not grow any bigger. They are clean and don’t smell which is unusual for a pig!  There are 15 pigs in total ranging from the adult to just one month old.



Animal Cafe in shenzhen!

You can interact with them if you wish, holding them, or playing with them.  But please seek permission first and be gentle, they are after all a living animal.  The pigs are incredibly cute and playful, and they make for a perfect selfie opportunity. You get to feed the pig if you wish, and this a fun experience because as you would guess the pigs are very greedy and basically climb all over you to get the food. They may give you a friendly nip or too, but that’s fine, it doesn’t hurt.  The pigs have all been vaccinated, but washing your hands before and after is a must!



The menu is very limited here, with no coffee on offer, just a selection of some teas.  These were nothing special, but that’s not why you come here right?  The prices are a little high, but that that is perfectly normal for these types of places as the animal upkeep must be very high and they require a minimum spend from each person.



There are some packages on offer to enter here


1-person ticket only is 68 RMB

1-person ticket & drink is 78RMB

2 tickets & 2 drinks is 148RMB




Zhulang Kafei Guan. 24-B, 24/F, Guomao Commercial Building, Nanhu Lu, Nanhu Jiedao, Luohu District


Guomao Metro station

This building

Cat Cafe in Shenzhen



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