HongHu park Shenzhen

HongHu park is another one of the older parks in Shenzhen and is in Luohu district

Guide to Shenzhen parks here

Meaning ‘red lake’ park, it has a large lake in the middle of it and is very popular with fisherman.  This is also a great park for bird watching and nature photography.


The star attraction here is the lotus flowers.  In summer they are so big and so numerous. And very very popular.


Another fantastic feature about this park is the Graffiti wall.  this 2km wall is full of awesome graffiti.  Such a hidden gem

Shenzhen Graffiti Wall



HongHu metro line 7 Exit D

2023 Wenjin N Rd, Luohu District 深圳市罗湖区洪湖东路



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