Nanshan mountain Shenzhen

Nanshan mountain is one of if not the most popular mountain to hike in Shenzhen.  This is because it’s a fast, relatively easy hike and it can be easily reached by public transport.   Although heading into Shekou from outside of Nanshan can be a little tiresome at times.

Want a challenge? Try Wutong Mountain

It’s not a high peak, coming in at only 330M high, and it can be scaled up and down in around 2 hours or so.  As with most mountains in Shenzhen, there are multiple entry and exit points, and I will just cover the main ones in this article. 

Well signposted

Complete guide to hiking in Shenzhen

You can choose to take the stairs to the stop, these are steep and can give your knees a bit of trouble but it is the quickest shortest route to the top.  It’s a good cardio workout and will likely leave you out of breath, but don’t worry there are many rests stops along the way if you need to take a break.

One of the stair routes

There is also the option of taking a paved road to the top if you do not fancy tackling the stairs.  The choice is yours.   When you get to the top you will be met with some majestic, sweeping panoramic views of the city below you.  They really are quite magnificent. You can get views of Bao’an, Nanshan and some of Futian too.  At night the view is equally marvellous, providing a totally different perspective than in the daytime.   

Night view
day view

Going down you have the choice of stairs, or paved road, and as with going up, have multiple exits to choose from.  Ending at Seaworld is the most common choice because of the F&B options available.

Greeted with an awesome view

As with my other articles, this is a just a guide.  It is not an organized hike or event, and I bare no responsibility for any injury or accident occurred during this hike.  Thanks for reading this information, and for more guides of things to do in Shenzhen click the ‘follow’ button or you can connect with me directly

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Seaworld metro exit A

No.8 Shekou Villa, Nanshan District, Shenzhen China


南山区南山村南巷(荔源大厦附近), 深圳市


You can also enter from nearby ‘Smelly Cat’ coffeeshop in Shuiwan. Head to KIS International School

请带我去韩国国际学校。(Pinyin: qingdai wo quhanguoguojixuexiao)

Smelly Cat

From Shekou Walmart, go west direction, there is an entrance; from City Garden, go a bit south then turn right at the 7 Days hotel, walk about 10 munites, there is another entrance.



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