Xichong beach Shenzhen

Xichong is a nice beach in the Dapeng area of Shenzhen. There are four beaches 1/2/3/4 but actually they combine to make one long beach just with different main entrance points. Tickets are 30 RMB and can be bought onsite. Umbrella and chairs are 200 RMB for all day rent

Xichong beach shenzhen

Xichong is popular for surfing in SZ with some decent waves. Beach number 4 is the quieter beach in my opinion and is nicer to chill out but no restaurants and limited options. But beach number 1 has the better facilitates and more water sport choices as well as places to eat


The Xichong village has some nice guest houses to stay at and they are foreigner friendly for the most part. The village has some character and nice to look around. You could also try the Dongxichong beach hiking Shenzhen


Nanmentou, Xichong Beach, Nan’Ao, Longgang District, Shenzhen



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