Dongxichong beach hiking Shenzhen

Dongxichong is a coastal hike between dongchong beach and xichong beach. It is around 6.5KM and takes around 5 hours. You can get absolutely breathtaking views of the coastline on this hike and it really really is worth it. The fresh air, sound of the ocean waves, and the majestic sweeping coastline.

There is a lot of up and down and rope/chain climbing. It can be very slippery. A lot of ‘boulder’ and rock scrambling is also required and balance can be difficult so go slow and steady. Accidents do happen here, and the rocks are very uneven. The downslopes are also treacherous and you really do need to be careful

rocky terrain
rope climbing

Good level of fitness is required for this, and some hiking experience. The views, and nature really are fantastic, but some negatives. On the weekend there is a enormous amount of people, and a human traffic jam. Very annoying and a little dangerous. I can begin to explain just how many people there here on the weekend

Shenzhen hiking guide

Army of people

Trash is also everywhere which is quite a shame.

There is no shade anywhere, so on a hit sunny day you will be exposed.   Bring lots of sunscreen and water (you can buy along the way) and bring cash too.  


Chinese Name: 东冲海滩
Address: Dongyong Tourist Area, Longgang District, Shenzhen 深圳市龙岗区东涌旅游区内

My advice is to get metro line 8 to Yantian then get a taxi to Dongchong village (approx 1 hour and 200-300rmb)

End point is Xichong beach and you can take a car from there to wherever (the guys will be there so negotiate)  it is unlikely to book a didi here

Start at Dongchong village and enter the trail near the community center.  End point is Xichong sightseeing beach.

dongxichong trail
bus option

Beaches in Shenzhen



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