Yinhu mountain greenway and hike Shenzhen

Shenzhen has many mountains to hike, many parks to visit, and many greenways to walk or cycle. But sometimes it can be tricky to know which ones to go to.  Yinhu Mountain greenway combines a little of all the above into one fun and interesting walk which I highly recommend you try.

long tough route
Nice nature on show
Follow the signs to Fenggang Garden

This is a long walk, taking around 5 hours to complete and it is not recommended for beginners because of the lack of exit points around.   You have different choices here, with flat paved road, stairs and forest path all available to you.  You can do one of them or combine all 3.  There are lots of signs around and you can interchange between them all at different points along the way.

Views from Yinhu

The paved road is wide, long and has up and down sections.  It is surrounded on both sides by trees and nature, and it is suitable to cycle on.  But watch out sometimes the bikes fly past you at speed.  There are lots of rest stops along the way, but not much shade.


The stairs are of course more difficult than the path, but a quicker time as it covers a more direct route.  The views are also different with some nice shots of the city along the way and trees on either side of you.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of stairs and some are quite steep.  They connect to and from the path on multiple occasions.

The forest path is the most difficult of the three.  It has steep up and downs and can be very slippery.  There is some rope pulling involved and you really do need to watch your step.  This starts from around the ‘half way point’ and there are limited connections back to the main path.   

Rope pulling
Dusty and slippery trail

All these routes lead back to the end point so it doesn’t really matter which one you choose.  Just follow the sign posts (there are many). 



Some important information.  There is no place to buy water along the route so bring your own.  There is only one toilet at the main entrance.   The start and end are both near metro stations (see below).  There is limited shade so bring sun protection.  

Rating medium 4/5.  Approx. 5 hours including rest time


Start point metro Hanling
End point metro Nigang

I suggest to Start at Hanling metro on line 6 and end at either Yinhu metro or Nigang metro. This is the best way in my opinion. Below is the Hanling metro directions

exit the metro and walk forward
Go through the underpass
Keep walking along here until you see the entrance on your LEFT

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