Paiya mountain Dapeng Shenzhen

This is an easy hike to get lost on, and if you go there you do so at your own risk and I am not responsible.  This is a just a guide so you know what to expect.  My advice is only go there with someone who knows the route, and go early as this is the last place you want to be at night.

 Paiya mountain or dogs teeth mountain is one of Shenzhen steepest and toughest hikes.   This combines traditional forest trails, wide open grass fields and several sections of large boulder climbing.  

Technically this hike is not permitted, and there are guards blocking the main entrance.  However you can go around them.  See below.

Go down this street after the parking lot
Go ahead here
Go ahead
go up here to the left of the locked gate
turn left at the police station

During the hike you will go uphill through trees, these are narrow paths with branches and vines scraping and scratching so be careful.  Keep following the coloured flags that are everywhere, they will lead you in the right direction.

Jungle trekking for around 1 hour

Another great Dapeng hike here

When you get to a stream/little river, go DOWN here.  This is also a good rest and lunch spot.   Then go up again the opposite direction, keep following the flags.  This is a tough steep uphill climb

Look for the stream
Go down here then back up the opposite side

You will eventually get to some big boulder.  Go over these.  Remember to keep 3 points of contact at all times on the surface.  Keep going in a straight line until you reach the very peak ( should be 3 or 4 up/down sections)

Boulders to climb over

After that you have 2 paths down.  One left, one right.  Take the left path and keep following it.  Soon you’ll come to a long downhill section around 2 hours.  This is punishing on the knees.  You will come out at the base of the reservoir on the road.

Paiya peak

Important information

If you are unsure follow the flags/ribbons

Bring gloves and a hiking pole

2L of water as nowhere to buy

Time is around 6 hours and its very tough 5/5

Complete guide to hiking in Shenzhen here


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