Wutong wetland park in Yantian

There is a new wetland park that has opened at the foot of Wutong Mountain in Yantian District.

This park is absolutely enormous and it is always going up and up. A LOT of walking is involved so be warned.

Lots of walking

The trails, with parts newly built and parts renovated, are located from Panshan Highway (盘山公路) at the foot of Wutong Mountain to Dapeng New Area. They are part of Yantian’s efforts to develop its tourism on existing scenic areas, forest parks, greenways and hiking trails.

Nicknamed “an ecological jade necklace,” the trails connect three waterfalls, four reservoirs, six parks and 13 sea and mountain-view spots across the district. Whether you’re looking for a place for hiking, cycling or simply sightseeing, you won’t be disappointed.


A highly recommended park along the trails is the lesser-known Enshang Wetland Park (恩上湿地公园), which has the highest altitude among the wetland parks in Shenzhen.

After you get out of Exit C of Metro Line 8’s Haishan Station (海山站), walk north 1 kilometer along Haishan Road (海山路) and then Enshang Highway (恩上公路). Then, you will reach the entrance to Wutong Mountain National Forest Park (梧桐山国家森林公园).

You can head east to visit the Yuanyanggu scenic spot (鸳鸯谷景区) or just keep walking north to Enshang Wetland Park. Yuanyanggu offers mountain and lake views as well as a garden where you can stroll along the stone paths or listen to birds chirping and gentle sounds from the streams.

Great views on offer


Haishan metro station exit C



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