Yangtai Mountain hike Shenzhen

As previously written on this website, there are many hikes available in Shenzhen. Some easy, some not, some stairs and some wild. Yangtai Mountain should be another hike worth considering.

Yangtai mountain elephant

The most common start point here is the main gate. Unfortunately this is all stairs. It starts on a long greenway which is quite pleasant then it connects to stairs which can be long and steep in places. There are lots of trees on this mountain and you do get a nice dose of nature. Should you take the main entrance, the route is quite simple and well signposted so its easy to navigate around.

nice nature
nice views
Yangtai photo ops


Another option is to take the back route, this is a wilder route and much more difficult. It is also NOT SIGNPOSTED and I won’t give step by step directions as its too difficult to remember. My advice would be to just keep going up, you can make out a path on the dirt, this will lead to the peak and connect with the main gate eventually.



The main gate has bathroom facilities and vending machines

The peak of the mountain has some people selling water and drinks

The back route has no real options to buy water so bring your own

The stairs can be long and steep

The back route can be steep and slippery


宝安区羊台山森林公园 (main gate)

Yangtai mountain east line 6 (main gate)

For back gate get bus 66 to last stop then a short walk. Buss 66 can be gotten from Xili metro station exit D

Back gate start

If you need more information or advice you can connect with me


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