Mei Sha Jian beautiful scenic Shenzhen hike

Mei sha jian is a beautiful hike with sweeping ocean views located in the Yantian area.

Getting here is a little tricky and I’ll put directions at the bottom of the article.

The hike is pretty much all stairs, with periods of flat paved path in between.  The stairs are steep and at times can smash the knees up. But the views are most definitely worth it.

You can see the Dameisha beach, ocean, and the Yantian cargo port (hugely impressive)

You can also see OCT EAST in detail with the train and the European style buildings as well as Longgang centre in the distance.  With the wind blowing this is an incredible feeling.


What I like about this hike is the flora and fauna. It has a different feeling to some of the other mountains in SZ. The path is well signposted with only a few directions possible to take so getting lost here would be difficult.  Head to the peak to get the best views and lots of pics.

Go right to go to the peak, Go left to go back to the bottom


Start at this location. Follow the sign up to the top.  After you have finished you can end at OCT EAST and get a taxi. Type this into map or into didi 山海大观观景台

start point. Get a taxi here

I suggest going back down the way you came and end at Yantian Customs base. You can get a taxi from there back to the metro. When you get to the top you can see a long path of stairs below you, follow this to get onto the greenway and onto the highway

Start at Yantian road metro (line 8) and get a taxi to this start point

No water on the trail bring enough
Its exposed to a lot of sunshine so bring sunscreen


If you need any help or advice about this hike you can Connect with me



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