Wutong and Yantian wetland park in Shenzhen

Yantian district has been a go to place for sea and sand, but now there is another reason to go.  This amazing new wetland park.  

Opened just after CNY this year it is utterly enormous. Consisting of wide-open spaces, hiking trails, small waterfalls, viewpoints, grassy picnic areas and more, this is a great option for a day of fresh air and sunshine and it is free!

Beautiful nature here

Before going here please note this place really is huge and there is a lot of walking involved if you wanted to explore everything.  The paths are wide and have gradual incline, but the stairs can be steep and difficult.  However how you choose to explore is up to you.   The park changes with the seasons, in spring it is full of colourful flowers, and in summer it is a little more of a wetland type park with greenery and water.

As you enter you will get some great views of Yantian and the cargo port.  You can choose to walk along the road or on the boardwalk, its your choice.

nice views


It’s pretty well signposted (mainly in Chinese) but you should be able to figure your way around.  There is a large grassy area with some big trees that is a good choice for a picnic or some Frisbee.

With it being a wetland park, there are numerous streams, small waterfalls, and a big reservoir.  The waterfalls have small pools that can be swum in, but they take some finding and there are no clear directions.  You have to explore and search.

The hiking routes are numerous, mainly stairs and the wind around and go in different directions.  It even connects to Wutong Mountain. They go through the trees and give a really nice nature feel.


Haishan metro station (line8) Exit C


Bring water as there are very little options to buy here.  You pass several convenience stores along the way to the entrance

Exposed to a lot of sunshine so be prepared

Time 3-5 hours depending on how much you explore

This is just a rough guide for information.  Check the park information on arrival for detailed directions.

Check the park information on arrival



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