Phoenix Mountain in Bao’an Shenzhen

Phoenix Mountain or Fenghuangshan is a very popular hiking spot in Bao’an district.  The main attraction here is the temple and it’s the reason that most people come.

It’s around 600M or so high so it falls into the middle category in SZ, and it is medium difficulty too.    From the main entrance there are a couple of routes to take, the quick stairs route or the ‘stream route’ which is also stairs but has a lot more nature around you.


Both routes get you to the temple which is a bout halfway up and takes around 30 mins. The temple is extremely popular and I can see why.  With some nice architecture, areas for praying, incense burning and more it has the usual buzz you would expect to find in a local temple.  There is also a nice section of trees with ‘wishes’ hanging from them. 

From here you can continue to go up to the top which takes another 60-90 mins or so.  The views are good but not great and most people choose to go back down after visiting the temple.   If you get hungry there is a vegetarian restaurant here too.

Optional if you want to go the to top



Tangwei Metro station line 11 or Qiaotou metro and get a short taxi to Pheonix Mountain park

Phoenix Avenue, Fuyong, Shenzhen  深圳福永镇凤凰山大道


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