Meilin Greenway Walk Shenzhen

Meilin Reservoir walk



There is no shortage of green-ways in Shenzhen, from walks to biking and more.  Meilin has long been a popular hiking destination due to its low altitude and easy level, and the fact it connects to Tanglang is a big bonus.  Meilin also has a great reservoir that is great for a pleasant walk.  It is very picturesque and is full of casual local walkers, and on weekends lots of families too.  The path is long but very easy and well paved with very little incline.  It leads all the way to Xili from Futian. You can do the whole thing or just do a loop on yourself the choice is yours.  There is also the option to connect up to Tanglang mountain


You can get some awesome views of the reservoir

After you enter the reservoir head up a path

Walk along here

At the end you have option to turn left or right.  Turn left to connect to the stairs and to Tanglang.


Turn left here
Keep going straight

Left leads you to a set of stairs after around 30 mins walk.

Walk the long path until you see the signpost. Turn left and go up the stairs

Another route

Right takes you to another route up the mountain.  This is a lot more tricky and more of a jungle style

Take these stairs.

Follow signposts.  Please note this takes you through trees and jungle and you may get lost.  If so just  HEAD DOWN



Xiameilin metro station (line 9) exit C and walk straight ahead.  Cant miss it

Ends at Tanglang metro station

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