Yantian Ocean Greenway Shenzhen

Shenzhen has several greenways that you can walk, offering long streches of scenery, greenery and a good option for exercise

Luohu greenway

Dasha River greenway

Meilin greenway

But one of my favourites, in fact one of my favourite places to go in SZ at all, is the coastal walk in Yantian. Now with line 8 opening this is easier than ever to get to.

This is divided into many parts and sometimes you need to go up onto the sidewalk and then back down to the walkway. You can get some awesome ocean views and its a good option to get some fresh air and relaxation

views of xiaomeisha beach
Start of the boardwalk

Part one

go down these stairs to start

Part one goes from beizaijiao beach to Xiaomeisha beach. This is maybe the best section of all. You can see a mini lighthouse, this is as far left as you can go. Right leads you towards Xiaomeisha and you can see some beautiful rocks and awesome views

Yantian ocean greenway

Part 2

Part two is Xiaomeisha to Dameisha. This is a renovated walkway after the previous one was destroyed in the typhoon of 2018. You enter JUST before the start of Xiaomeisha. Look for a set of stairs going down

Enter here
Map of Yantian
Well signposted

The boardwalk is wide and new and spans over the ocean and rocks below you. You can hear the waves and see HK in the distance. Really a great place

wide walkway
Scenic walk
You go over the rocks and the ocean

It ends at Dameisha beach where you can relax, or get a bus/taxi to wherever you want to go


Part 3

Option 3 is another walkway in Yantian, but this one is not connected to the beaches. But it does go across the ocean again.


It is much wider than the 1st one and not as beautiful in my opinion. There are no sounds of waves, but you do get nice views o the islands in the distance, and there are lots of benches to sit and watch. You can also see lots of fisherman, or people out enjoying themselves.

Wide boardwalk macros the ocean
The route

It goes for couple of KM and it ends near a cool looking temple

temple marks the end of the walk

Remember to explore this area of ‘shatoujiao’ because there is quite a lot of character here


Walkway One

Get a didi or taxi to Beizaijaio bus stop. It can be found easily on didi English. The walkway starts here

Walkway Two

Xiao Meisha Scenic Area, Yantian Distrcit 深圳市盐田区小梅沙景区

Take line 8 to last stop then get these buses or a short taxi

1. Take bus 103/380a/380b/387 and get off at Xiaomeisha Bus Terminal (Xiaomeisha Gongjiao Zongzhan) Station.
2. Take bus m207/m362 and get off at Xiaomeisha Station.

Walkway Three

Line 8 to HAISHAN station. Walk to the ocean. Can’t miss it or get didi to Shatoujiao


its much easier just to get a didi to these places. You can download it here



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