Ocean walk in Yantian

Walking by the ocean is something many people enjoy and take comfort in, and Shenzhen being a coastal city offers a few options for this.  I will write about them all, but this post will focus only on Yantian district.


Yantian is known for its beaches, with Xiaomeisha and Dameisha being the 2 well known ones but it also has a very nice walk in the area known as SHATOUJIAO

  Beaches in Shenzhen


shatoujiao in Yantian is seldom busy

This walk is not too long, only a few KM in either direction, but it is quiet and peaceful.  There are rarely many people here and its popular spot for people to fish and sit quietly.  the surrounding area has a skate park, shopping mall, cool architecture and some art installations.   All in all its a nice place to hang out



Want to go?

Yantian Central Park  盐田区中央公园

Currently no metro here (under construction)

Can get many busses to YANTIAN DISTRCIT GOVERNMENT.  I usually take bus 85, M181 or 103

Yantian Park



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