Luohu Greenway Shenzhen

There are many green-ways in Shenzhen, some old some new some long, some short, but having options is always a good thing right?

Luohu reservoir is quite a sight

One of my favourite ones is the Luohu green-way.  This particular section I’m writing about is around 12KM and goes through DongHu park and ends at Dawang Village nearby Wutong mountain.

Entrance to the greenway
Turn left here to enter greenway

The path is wide and mostly flat, with a little uphill involved and along the way you can see lots of beautiful greenery and nature.  All paths in Shenzhen have flowers and fauna in abundance and this is no different.

Greenway path is very easy to walk


You can explore the park before, which is also one of my favourites in SZ, and you can read a write about it HERE.  The path will take you past the reservoir ( it is not open to the public) but you can look and see.   It goes under trees and has a little uphill and downhill but overall pretty flat and it is suitable for all.  The approx length for this particular guide is around 8KM but it can be extended if you wanted.

Explore the beautiful park first

There are some great photo opportunities too. With colourful roads, lots of water features and tons of greenery. It is quite well signposted and truthfully it is difficult to get lost here as the roads don’t have many options except ‘straight’. On weekends it is quite busy with families having a stroll, and this makes it even easer to not get lost, as if in doubt just follow the people.

Lots of colour
well signposted

Along the way there will be several vending machines or places to buy drinks as well as some toilets and multiple rest areas. The Dawang village has a few restaurants but I did not try any so I cannot recommend.

follow sign to ‘fairy lake’
Signs everywhere along this route
Keep an eye out for the ‘no fire sign’ this is the route

The end point is a little in the middle of nowhere so I suggest getting a taxi or didi back to a subway.  We got a taxi to XinXiu are for around 50 RMB


Chinese and Pinyin Name:

东湖公园 Place Address (English/Pinyin):

Donghu Park, Yan He Bei Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen 深圳市罗湖区沿河北路东湖公园

Xinxiu metro exit A then get a short taxi

The green-way is suitable for bikes and dogs (however dogs may NOT enter via the Donghu park)

Thanks for reading and as always please browse my blog for details about other things to do in SZ, you can read about the PARKS IN SHENZHEN HERE, or you can connect with me directly



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